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wargamerules.co.uk is a publisher of wargames rules, written by wargamers for wargamers.  This page is intended to provide some free stuff - articles, rules, artwork for flags - that has been produced by a number of people and are happy to share it but please note that it is still Copyright.

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Here are the downloads:

Terrain making

Making woods and forests for the wargames table.


ACW rules - 1 side A4 - used for a participation game by the Devizes & District Wargames Group. You need dominoes to play this game (and we don't mean pizza!), some 6 sided dice and order markers.


A selection of 15mm and 25mm flags available as pdf downloads


A Fine Presentation boxed set of Painted 42mm figures with a guide to the

Fine Art of the Duellists.

Limited Edition of 450 sets