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wargamerules.co.uk is a publisher of wargames rules, written by wargamers for wargamers.  

All rules included in our initial offering of six sets have been tried and tested over an extended period and offer you a choice of fighting a skirmish or pitched battle.  They work with most popular base sizes and have all been designed to play simple, quick, historical games and you can read the writer's background to the rules here.

Our intention is to publish some good rules covering as wide a range of periods as possible from Ancient Warfare through to Modern day and beyond.

We are not looking to the exceptionally high production values that can make rules so expensive these days, but aim to produce card cover rules that can be delivered to your door for around a tenner.

Maybe you have written  a set of rules covering your favourite period that you would like to see in print? If so, drop us a line and tell us what you have in mind.

We'll be pleased to hear from you.

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